Đề ôn thi môn tiếng anh lớp 9 lên 10 (đề 7)

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Bài có đáp án. Đề ôn thi môn tiếng anh 9 lên 10 (đề 7). Học sinh luyện đề bằng cách tự giải đề sau đó xem đáp án có sẵn để đối chiếu và kiểm tra số điểm mình làm được. Chúng ta cùng bắt đầu.


I - Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. claimed B. warned C. occurred D. existed

2. A. health B. appear C. ready D. heavy

3. A. tidal B. sight C. mineral D. describe

4. A. though B. throw C. through D. thought

5. A. thunder B. erupt C. trust D. pull

II - Find the one choice that best completes the sentence.

6. He ____to find a job, but he had no luck.

A. tried hard B. hardly tried

C. tried hardly D. try hardly

7. Solar energy doesn’t cause _____.

A. pollution B. polluted C. pollute D. pollutant

8: Are you lookingh forward ______ my letter?

A. to see B. to seeing C. saw D. seeing

9. "_____” means a piece of land full of rubbish.

A. junkyard B. treasure C. hedge D. stream

10. Dynamite _____ many years ago.

A. has invented B. invented

C. was invented D. were invented

11. They run a police check ____ all applicants for a gun license.

A. of B. on C. for D. about

12. The garbageman will take the bags to the garbage _____.

A. yard B. area C. place D. dump

13. He seems to be well-qualified ___ the job.

A. by B. for C. in D. of

14. ___ will be provided in the cafeteria.

A. Refreshment B. Refreshments

C. Refresh D. Refreshing

15. I caught the kids next door spraying my dog ____ cold water.

A. with B. on C. over D. of

16. She is fiercely ____ of her privacy.

A. protected B. protect C. protective D. protecting

17. The book signing provided him _____ an opportunity to meet one of his heroes.

A. for B. with C. to D. of

18. We are mixing ___ and cement to make concrete.

A. sand B. sands C. sanding D. sandy

19. The floor was covered ___ a sheet of plastic.

A. with B. for C. of D. to

20. Jackson canceled the concert, to the great ____ of his fans.

A. disappoint B. disappointed

C. disappoimting D. disappointment

III - Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer to questions.

I went to Australia on a student program last year and I like to (21)_______you about it. I wasvery (22)_______when I knew I was going to Australia because I had never been there before. Ididn’t think about the problems of speaking English (23)_______I met my host family. At first Icouldn’t communicate with them because my English was so bad. All the five years I had beenlearning English wasn’t much used at all (24)_______we didn’t have real practice at school. Eventhough my grammar was good, my pronunciation wasn’t. My problem is (25)_______ ‘l’ and ‘r’. Forexample, Australian people often asked “What do you eat in Vietnam?” I wanted to tell them thatwe eat rice, but they didn’t understand when I said “We eat lice”…

21. A. say B. tell C. talk D. speak

22. A. exciting B. excites C. excited D. excite

23. A. after B. until C. when D. while

24. A. although B. even C. because D. so

25. A. pronouncing B. speaking C. reading D. telling

IV- Identify the underlined word/ phrase (A or B,C,D) that needs correcting to become an exactone

26. My sister enjoys read about wild animals and natural mysteries.

A. enjoys B. read C. wild animals D. natural

27. Mr. Thach who sing English songs very well is my teacher of English.

A. Mr. Thach B. who sing C. English songs D. is

28. My father asked us not to spending too much time playing computer games

A. asked B. not to spending C. much time D. playing

29. Ba can play the piano better more than his friends can.

A. can play B. better C. more than D. can

30. We can save nature resources by using solar energy.

A. save B. nature resources

C. by using D. solar energy

V. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one.

31. We were late for school because of the heavy rain.

- Because it…………………………….

32. My mother used to make us clean the house.

- We used…………………………………..

33. "I'm working in a restaurant, and don't care much for it."she said

- She said………………………………………

34. It’s two years since I last spoke to her.

- I haven’t………………………………………

35. Going swimming in the river in the summer is interesting.

- It…………………………………………………..

VI - Complete each of the following sentences, using the words given.

36. If/ it/ not rain/ tomorrow/ I/ go/ camping/ my friends.

37. If/ I/ meet/ alien/ outer space/ I/ invite/ home/ talk.

38. I/ never/ travelled/ by/ air.

39. The students/ study/ for exam/ now.

40. It/ be/ such/ cold day/ we/ decide/ not/ go out.

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