Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 9 Unit 6: The environment (P1)

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Bài có đáp án. Câu hỏi và bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 9: Unit 6: The environment (P1). Học sinh luyện tập bằng cách chọn đáp án của mình trong từng câu hỏi. Dưới cùng của bài trắc nghiệm, có phần xem kết quả để biết bài làm của mình. Kéo xuống dưới để bắt đầu.

Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

Question 1:

  • a. happy
  • b. hour
  • c. high
  • d. hotel

Question 2:

  • a. so
  • b. coat
  • c. note
  • d. bottom

Question 3:

  • a. put
  • b. luck
  • c. lung
  • d. drunk

Question 4:

  • a. bare
  • b. car
  • c. card
  • d. farm

Question 5:

  • a. come
  • b. love
  • c. women
  • d. some

Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others.

Question 6:

  • a. fantastic
  • b. gymnastics
  • c. politics
  • d. emphatic

Question 7:

  • a. difficulty
  • b. equality
  • c. simplicity
  • d. discovery

Question 8:

  • a. challenge
  • b. counter
  • c. complain
  • d. guardian

Question 9:

  • a. advance
  • b. ancient
  • c. carrier
  • d. annual

Question 10:

  • a. female
  • b. fellow
  • c. husband
  • d. mature

Choose the words or phrases that are not correct in Standard English.

Question 11. A snake’s long, muscular body allows it to move easy along the ground.

  • a. snacke's
  • b. allows
  • c. easy
  • d. along the ground

Question 12: It was cowardly of you not admit your mistake.

  • a. cowardly
  • b. of you
  • c. admit
  • d. mistake

Question 13: Since our flight was delayed, we decided taking a long walk around the terminal.

  • a. Since
  • b. was delayed
  • c. decided
  • d. taking

Question 14: Cold air hover near the earth because it is heavier than hot air.

  • a. Cold air
  • b. hover
  • c. heavier
  • d. hot air

Question 15: He became worries that she might leap out from behind a door.

  • a. became worries
  • b. that
  • c. might
  • d. leap out from behind

Question 16: I was worried that I would upset you, so I didn’t tell you the badly news earlier.

  • a. was worried
  • b. that
  • c. would upset
  • d. badly

Question 17: If I won’t eat breakfast tomorrow morning, I will get hungry during class.

  • a. If
  • b. won't eat
  • c. tomorrow morning
  • d. will get hungry

Question 18: The Republic of Tunisia achievers independence from France in 1957.

  • a. The Republic of Tunisia
  • b. achievers independence
  • c. from France
  • d. in

Question 19: It was entirely my own idea, so I can hardly complaint.

  • a. entirely
  • b. idea
  • c. can
  • d. complaint

Question 20: You should have your eyes check regularly.

  • a. should
  • b. have
  • c. check
  • d. regularly

Find the one choice that best completes the sentence.

Question 21: _____ air is one of the many problems we have to solve.

  • a. Pure
  • b. Polluted
  • c. Dust
  • d. Pleasant

Question 22. I’ll be in trouble if I _____my passport.

  • a. lose
  • b. will lose
  • c. lost
  • d. would lose

Question 23. We can eat at home or, _____ you prefer, we can go to a restaurant.

  • a. when
  • b. whether
  • c. if
  • d. which

Question 24. If it is raining this evening, I _____.

  • a. will go out
  • b. don’t go out
  • c. go out
  • d. won’t go out

Question 25. Minh’s English is excellent. He speaks_____.

  • a. perfectly English
  • b. English perfectly
  • c. perfect English
  • d. English perfect

Question 26: She was sure the noise would prevent her ____ last night.

  • a. sleeping
  • b. sleep
  • c. sleeps
  • d. to sleep

Question 27: The hotel provides a playroom ______ children.

  • a. for
  • b. with
  • c. on
  • d. of

Question 28: Old sheets can always ____ for children’s costumes.

  • a. recycle
  • b. be recycled
  • c. be recycling
  • d. recyclable

Question 29: The workforce will be reduced ____ around 30 percent.

  • a. with
  • b. in
  • c. on
  • d. by

Question 30: The exercise ___ an opportunity for different departments to work together.

  • a. provide
  • b. provides
  • c. providing that
  • d. provided that

Question 31: I’m disappointed _____ people have spoiled this area.

  • a. that
  • b. when
  • c. if
  • d. how

Question 32: He ____ to find a job but he had no luck.

  • a. hardly tried
  • b. hard tried
  • c. tried hardly
  • d. tried hard

Question 33. We couldn’t go on a picnic as planned ______ it was raining.

  • a. however
  • b. but
  • c. because
  • d. so

Question 34: If he _____ hard today, can he have a holiday tomorrow?

  • a. works
  • b. will work
  • c. worked
  • d. would work

Question 35: ____we were tired, we sat down beside the stream.

  • a. Because of
  • b. If
  • c. As
  • d. And

Choose the word (a, b, c or d) that best fits each of the blank spaces.

The (Question 36) ___ oceans are so vast that they can cope (Question 37) ___ the present levels of pollution. However, little is known about the long-term effects of such slow (Question 38) ___. The most serious problem of modern times is (Question 39) ___ man is destroying the earth’s natural resources and transforming huge areas (Question 40)__ wasteland. (Question 41)___ a result, it is becoming extremely difficult to grow enough to feed the world’s rapidly increasing population. A way of protecting all the wildlife on the earth must also be found as many species are (Question 42) ___ danger of disappearing completely from the face of the earth. The dangers, (Question 43) ___, are not confined solely to the land and the sea. The smoke in the atmosphere, for example, is increasing so much that the amount of (Question 44) ___ has been reduced in many cities. Man’s whole (Question 45) ___ is being changed in a serious way.

Question 36:

  • a. world’s
  • b. world
  • c. worldwide
  • d. worldly

Question 37:

  • a. to
  • b. for
  • c. of
  • d. with

Question 38:

  • a. poison
  • b. poisoning
  • c. poisonous
  • d. poisonously

Question 39:

  • a. that
  • b. which
  • c. when
  • d. thing

Question 40:

  • a. for
  • b. of
  • c. into
  • d. on

Question 41:

  • a. Like
  • b. As
  • c. To
  • d. For

Question 42:

  • a. in
  • b. at
  • c. on
  • d. for

Question 43:

  • a. however
  • b. consequently
  • c. in addition
  • d. therefore

Question 44:

  • a. sunlights
  • b. sunbeam
  • c. sunny
  • d. sunlight

Question 45:

  • a. environmental
  • b. environmentalist
  • c. environment
  • d. environ

Read the following passage and choose the item (a, b, c, or d) that best answers each of the questions about it.

Nowadays people are more aware that wildlife all over the world is in danger. Many species of animals are threatened, and could easily become extinct if we do not make an effort to protect them. There are many reasons for this. In some cases, animals are hunted for their fur or for other valuable parts of their bodies. Some birds, such as parrots, are caught alive, and sold as pets. For many animals and birds, the problem is that their habitat - the place where they live - is disappearing. More land is used for farms, for houses or industry, and there are fewer open spaces than there once were. Farmers use powerful chemicals to help them grow better crops, but these chemicals pollute the environment and harm the wildlife. The most successful animals on earth - human beings - will soon be the only ones left, unless we can solve this problem.

Question 46: What does the word “extinct” mean?

  • a. dead
  • b. no longer in existence
  • c. not 1n a place because of illness
  • d. suffering from a mental or physical handicap

Question 47: The word “this” refers to ____.

  • a. wildlife
  • b. danger
  • c. the fact that people are more aware that wildlife is in danger
  • d. the fact that many species of animals could easily become extinct

Question 48: According to the passage, one of the reasons that people hunt animals is ___.

  • a. they want their fur or other valuable parts of their bodies
  • b. they want to kill them
  • c. they consider this a sport
  • d. they want to sell them as pets

Question 49. Which of the following is not true?

  • a. Human beings are the most successful animals on earth.
  • b. If we can solve the problem, we will soon be the only ones left.
  • c. Farmers use chemicals in order to grow better crops.
  • d. Chemicals pollute the environment.

Question 50. What can be the best title of the passage?

  • a. Birds Are in Danger!
  • b. The Threat to the Environment
  • c. The Most Successful Animals
  • d. Protect Our Earth!
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