Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 9 Unit 8: Celebrations (P2)

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Bài có đáp án. Câu hỏi và bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 9: Unit 8: Celebrations (P2). Học sinh luyện tập bằng cách chọn đáp án của mình trong từng câu hỏi. Dưới cùng của bài trắc nghiệm, có phần xem kết quả để biết bài làm của mình. Kéo xuống dưới để bắt đầu.

Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

Question 1:

  • a. nationwide
  • b. satisfy
  • c. family
  • d. congratulate

Question 2:

  • a. humor
  • b. compose
  • c. decorate
  • d. innovate

Question 3:

  • a. lunar
  • b. pollute
  • c. tunic
  • d. congratulate

Question 4:

  • a. distinguish
  • b. hungry
  • c. junkyard
  • d. lunar

Question 5:

  • a. guest
  • b. groom
  • c. generous
  • d. hug

Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others.

Question 6:

  • a. student
  • b. famous
  • c. refer
  • d. practice

Question 7:

  • a. evening
  • b. afternoon
  • c. institute
  • d. possible

Question 8:

  • a. regard
  • b. award
  • c. easy
  • d. believe

Question 9:

  • a. balcony
  • b. envelope
  • c. chocolate
  • d. location

Question 10:

  • a. temperature
  • b. direction
  • c. pollution
  • d. condition

Choose the words or phrases that are not correct in Standard English.

Question 11: The paintings that is marked with a small red dot have already been sold.

  • a. that
  • b. is marked
  • c. with
  • d. have already been sold

Question 12: The secretary who sits at the first desk of the right can give you the information.

  • a. who
  • b. at
  • c. of
  • d. give you the information

Question 13: Thomas Raven is a physicist whom book on time and space has been translated into a dozen languages.

  • a. is
  • b. whom
  • c. on time
  • d. space

Question 14: Even though her doctor warned her, Carol has continued to smoke nearly three pack of cigarettes a day.

  • a. Even though
  • b. warned
  • c. has continued
  • d. pack of cigarettes

Question 15: Despite it has been shown to be safe, many people avoid sing a microwave oven for fear of its rays.

  • a. Despite
  • b. to be safe
  • c. avoid using
  • d. for

Question 16: There were wild street celebrates when England won the cup.

  • a. wild
  • b. celebrates
  • c. when
  • d. won

Question 17: Individually freedom should be balanced against the rights of the community.

  • a. Individually
  • b. freedom
  • c. against
  • d. of

Question 18: I wouldn’t miss the annually Christmas party for the world.

  • a. wouldn't
  • b. miss
  • c. annually
  • d. for

Question 19: The town’s centennial celebration will be begun with a parade.

  • a. centennial
  • b. celebration
  • c. will be begun
  • d. parade

Question 20: He sat down and composes a letter of resignation.

  • a. sat down
  • b. composes
  • c. of
  • d. resignation

Find the one choice that best completes the sentence.

Question 21: The man ____ I introduced you to last night may be the next president of the university.

  • a. which
  • b. whose
  • c. when
  • d. Ø

Question 22: Cathy is a person upon _____ you can always depend.

  • a. who
  • b. whom
  • c. that
  • d. Ø

Question 23: Your career should focus on a field in ___ you are genuinely interested.

  • a. which
  • b. what
  • c. that
  • d. Ø

Question 24: I just lent Jan some money for lunch ___ she never paid me back my last loan.

  • a. even though
  • b. unless
  • c. or else
  • d. only if

Question 25: It looks like they’re going to succeed ____ their present difficulties.

  • a. yet
  • b. because of
  • c. even though
  • d. despite

Question 26: They organized a dinner _____ celebration of the year’s successes.

  • a. for
  • b. on
  • c. in
  • d. with

Question 27: Decorate the cake ____ raspberries and whipped cream.

  • a. on
  • b. by
  • c. in
  • d. with

Question 28: Thank you for your donation. It was very generous ____ you.

  • a. from
  • b. about
  • c. for
  • d. of

Question 29: The refugees were made to feel like unwanted ____ in the country.

  • a. guess
  • b. guest
  • c. guests
  • d. guesses

Question 30: He gave the children a quick __, then got into the car.

  • a. hug
  • b. hut
  • c. hutch
  • d. huts

Question 31: The man who lost his shoes failed to see the ____ of the situation.

  • a. humor
  • b. humorous
  • c. humorist
  • d. humoristic

Question 32: He has now been formally ___ as presidential candidate.

  • a. nominate
  • b. nominated
  • c. nominating
  • d. nomination

Question 33: Unfortunately, computer errors are a common ____.

  • a. occur
  • b. occurring
  • c. occurrence
  • d. occasion

Question 34: The soldiers will be __ parade tomorrow.

  • a. on
  • b. in
  • c. at
  • d. Ø

Question 35: We can predict _____ this information what is likely to happen next.

  • a. with
  • b. from
  • c. on
  • d. by

Choose the word (a, b, c or d) that best fits each of the blank spaces.

December 25 is Christmas. Christmas is both a national holiday and a religious holiday. Christians remember (Question 36) of Jesus Christ on Christmas. Many non-Christians celebrate Christmas too.

The Christmas season starts after Thanksgiving, in (Question 37)____ November. Christmas Is a time for giving presents to friends, family, and poor people. Churches, businesses, and other groups give money, food, and toys to (Question 38)___ families.

Some people make gifts, but most people (Question 39) ____ presents in stores. Stores get very crowded around Christmas. There are shoppers everywhere! Stores have beautiful decorations (Question 40)____ Christmas colors of red and green.

Many people decorate their homes (Question 41)___ Christmas. They buy trees and decorate them (Question 42) ___ electric lights and ornaments. Some people put electric lights (Question 43) ___their houses. At Christmas, neighborhoods are beautiful with many (Question 44) ____ Christmas lights.

Jewish people have a Festival of Lights in December. For eight days, Jewish people (Question 45)___ candles and give gifts. This festival, Hanukkah, is a joyful holiday.

Question 36:

  • a. the birth
  • b. the death
  • c. the Crucifixion
  • d. the Passion

Question 37:

  • a. lately
  • b. latter
  • c. latest
  • d. late

Question 38:

  • a. need
  • b. needy
  • c. needing
  • d. needed

Question 39:

  • a. sell
  • b. give
  • c. buy
  • d. bring

Question 40:

  • a. with
  • b. in
  • c. of
  • d. by

Question 41:

  • a. at
  • b. in
  • c. on
  • d. from

Question 42:

  • a. by
  • b. with
  • c. on
  • d. for

Question 43:

  • a. insides
  • b. beside
  • c. outsides
  • d. outside

Question 44:

  • a. dim
  • b. full
  • c. bright
  • d. pale

Question 45:

  • a. light
  • b. lighten
  • c. lit
  • d. lighted

Read the following passage and choose the item (a, b, c, or d) that best answers each of the questions about it.

Easter is on a different Sunday each year. But it is always in March or April. Easter is not a national holiday. It is a religious holiday for Christians. For many people, Easter celebrates the beginning of spring.

The English word Easter comes from the Old English word Eastre. Kastre was the name of the goddess of spring and light. In the spring, flowers bloom and trees become green. The earth wears “new clothes”. Many people wear new clothes on Easter Sunday too.

Eggs and rabbits are signs of spring and new life. American children believe in an imaginary rabbit, the Easter bunny. The night before Easter, the Easter bunny visits many homes. He brings children Easter baskets with eggs and candy. Some Easter eggs are hard-boiled eggs in different colors. Other Easter eggs are chocolate. The Easter bunny hides eggs in the house or outside in the yard. On Easter morning, children look for eggs from the Easter bunny.

For millions of Christians, Easter is a religious holiday. Two days before Easter is Good Friday. Christians believe Jesus Christ died on this day. Many schools and businesses close on Good Friday. Christians also believe Jesus rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. Easter is very joyful holiday for Christians. Many go to church on Good Friday and on Easter.

There is also an important Jewish holiday in the spring. For eight days, Jewish people celebrate Passover. Passover and Easter are often in the same month.

On Easter Sunday, families often come together for a dinner of ham or lamb with fresh spring vegetables. Dessert is often cake in the shape of a lamb or rabbit. And there is plenty of candy from the Easter bunny!

Question 46. Every year, Easter ____.

  • a. is celebrated on a different Sunday
  • b. is celebrated on Sundays
  • c. is celebrated in March and April
  • d. is celebrated because of the beginning of spring

Question 47: The word ‘goddess’ in the second paragraph means ____

  • a. a beautiful girl
  • b. a maiden
  • c. a female god
  • d. a fairy

Question 48: Easter bunny ___.

  • a sign of flowers blooming
  • b. is a sign of spring goddess
  • c. is an imaginary rabbit
  • d. an old word for ‘Easter’

Question 49: Christians ____.

  • a. believe Jesus Christ became alive again on Easter
  • b. usually not go to church on Good Friday and on Easter
  • c. celebrate Passover
  • d. eat lamb or rabbit on Easter Sunday

Question 50: Which of the following is not true?

  • a. Easter is not a national holiday.
  • b. Many people wear new clothes on Easter Sunday.
  • c. All schools and businesses close on Good Friday.
  • d. Passover is an important Jewish holiday.
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