Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 7 unit 12: Let's eat (P2)

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Bài có đáp án. Câu hỏi và bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 7 unit 12: Let's eat (P2). Học sinh luyện tập bằng cách chọn đáp án của mình trong từng câu hỏi. Dưới cùng của bài trắc nghiệm, có phần xem kết quả để biết bài làm của mình. Kéo xuống dưới để bắt đầu.

I. Em hãy tìm từ không cùng loại với các từ khác trong mỗi dòng sau

Question 1.

  • A. papaya
  • B.pineapple
  • C. potato
  • D. orange

Question 2.

  • A. chicken
  • B. fork
  • C. beef
  • D. meat

Question 3.

  • A. pepper
  • B. taste
  • C. salt
  • D. sugar

Question 4.

  • A. delicious
  • B. sweet
  • C. health
  • D. good

Question 5.

  • A. slice
  • B. cook
  • B. boil
  • D. bake

II. Em hãy chọn đáp án thích hợp nhất (A, B, C hay D) để điền vào chỗ trống cho mỗi câu sau.

Question 6. Mai: What shaill we have ............lunch today, Mom? / Mai's mother: meat, fish and vegetables.

  • A. at
  • B. for
  • C. in
  • D. on

Question 7. We often add some salt or sugar ........... the dish to make it tasteful.

  • A. to
  • B. at
  • C. on
  • D. in

Question 8. I like to eat cumcumber salad ..........garlic and pepper.

  • A. at
  • B. of
  • C. with
  • D. in

Question 9. Stir-fry chicken and rice............ a little vegetable oil, then add a-little salt and pepper, you will have fried chicken-rice. It is very delicious.

  • A. to
  • B. at
  • C. in
  • D. on

Question 10. Every day, I often set the table........... plates, bowls, chopsticks, spoons and classes when my mother finishes dinner or lunch.

  • A. with
  • B. at
  • C. on
  • D. in

Question 11. Last night, my parents came home very late and ........ we all sat down to have dinner.

  • A. first
  • B. after
  • C. then
  • D. next

Question 12. Nga: Oh, this cucumber salad tastes very ............ . Would you like to eat............?

Mai: No, thanks! I'm full now.

  • A. good/any
  • B.well/any
  • C. good/some
  • D. well/ little

Question 13. Yesterday, all of us ate spinach. My parents........... OK but I......... an awful stomachache.

  • A. was/ had
  • B.were/ had
  • C. are/ have
  • D. did/ had

Question 14. How long does your journey to work................... ?

  • A. cost
  • B. want
  • C. require
  • D. take

Question 15. £3.50 được đọc là: .............................

  • A. three pounds fifty.
  • B. half past three pounds
  • C. three pounds and a half.
  • D. three fifty pounds.

Question 16. She's tried to stop................. but she can't.

  • A. not smoking
  • B. to smoke
  • C. smoking
  • D. not to smoke

Question 17. Do you out ...............?

  • A. in the afternoon on Fridays
  • B. on Friday afternoons
  • C. on Friday's afternoons
  • D. on Fridays in the afternoon

Question 18. I like.................

  • A. British food
  • B. the British food
  • C. the food of Britain
  • D. a British food

Question 19. She loves her job because she meets a lot of................ -

  • A. people very interesting
  • B. the very interesting people
  • C. very interesting peoples
  • D. very interesting people

Question 20. My little sister is afraid of................ the street on her own.

  • A. across
  • B. the crossing of
  • C. to cross
  • D. crossing

Question 21. We are going to have a class.................. this Saturday.

  • A. conference
  • B. meeting
  • C. activity
  • D. gathering

Question 22. Our classroom looked.................. and clean.

  • A. bright
  • B. proper
  • C. clear
  • D. special

Question 23. The notiee board is ............... the hall.

  • A. at
  • B. on
  • C. in
  • D. to

Question 24. Don't eat ............. one kind of food. A balance diet is the key to our good health.

  • A. too many
  • B. too much
  • C. too little
  • D. too few

Question 25. Remembser to drink .......... water every đay. It is goof for our body.

  • A. many
  • B. much
  • C. plenty of
  • D. lots of

III. Em hãy khoanh tròn một lỗi sai trong số những phần in đậm (A, B, C hay D) ở những câu sau.

Question 26. She feels sick now because she eats/ too much fried meat and cucumber salad last night.

  • A. feels sick
  • B. because
  • C. eats
  • D. too much

Question 27. Have a good health/ will help us to have many things/ in our life.

  • A. Have a good health
  • B. will help
  • C. many things
  • D. in

Question 28. Unhealthy/ food can do you sick

  • A. Unhealthy
  • B. food
  • C. do
  • D. sick

Question 29. Takes/ these medicines/ to make you fell better.

  • A. takes
  • B. these medicines
  • C. to make
  • D. better.

Question 30. Today, many people are too fat because they eat so many/ fatty food every day.

  • A. many
  • B. are too fat
  • C. so many
  • D. fatty

IV. Hãy khoanh tròn từ hay những cụm từ phù hợp nhất (A, B, C, D) để điền vào chỗ trống trong bài hội thoại sau:

Aunt: What meat would vou like for dinner, Hoa?.

There is chicken, beef and pork

Hoa : I don't like beef. I like chichken. (31).......... you?

Aunt: I don't like beef, either.

Hoa : How about chichen?

Aunt: It's OK. (32)............ buy some.

Hoa : We need some veget .bles for dinner (33)............ , aunt.

Aunt: What would you like ?

Hoa : I'd like some cucumbers and carrots (34)............ our salad.

Aunt: Oh, I don't like carrots

Hoa : What about lettuce and peas? I like them.

Aunt: (35)............... . They're my favorite vegetables

OK. Let's get some of those.

Question 31.

  • A. What about
  • B. What
  • C. Which about
  • D. Which

Question 32.

  • A. Let
  • B. Let's
  • C. Let's to
  • D. Let to

Question 33.

  • A. too
  • B. either
  • C. neither
  • D. so

Question 34.

  • A. to
  • B. for
  • C. with
  • D. at

Question 35.

  • A. So am I
  • B. Neither do I
  • C. So do
  • D. too

V. Em hãy đọc đoạn văn ngắn sau và khoanh tròn đáp án đúng nhất (A, B, C hay D) cho mỗi câu hỏi sau.

Hoa s mother is good at cooking. She is very busy, but she always cooks many delicious dishes for her family. Yesterday was Hoas birthday so Hoa's mother worked busily in her kitchen. She prepared the dinner for her family. First, she sliced the beef. Next, she sliced the green peppers and onfons. Then she cooked some rice and boiled some spinach. She added a little salt to the spinach so it tasted good. After that, She heated a pan and stir-fried the beef and the vegetables in a little vegetable oil. She added a little soy sauce to the dish. Finally, she sliced the cucumbers and made cucumber salad with some onions. Hoa also helped her mother set the table with plates, bowls, chopsticks, spoons and glasses. Dinner was ready in a few minutes. All members in Hoa s family sat down and enJoyed it.

Question 36. Who is good at cooking?

  • A. Hoa
  • B. Hoa' mother
  • C. Hoa's family
  • D. nobody

Question 37. Who did help the mother cook dinner yesterday? She...........

  • A. Hoa
  • B. Hoa's father
  • C. both Hoa and her father
  • D. nobody

Question 38. What did Hoa s mother do first? - She ................

  • A. sliced beef
  • B. sliced the green peppecr
  • C. sliced onions
  • D. boiled the spinach

Question 39. What did Hoa s mother do finally?

  • A. She heated a pan
  • B. She sliced the cucumbers
  • C. She made cucunbers salad with onions
  • D. Both B & C are correct

Question 40. What did Hoa do? - She...............

  • A. cooked sice
  • B. boiled sone spinach
  • C. set the table
  • D. did nothing
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