Trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 12: The Asian games (P1)

Trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 11 unit 12
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KhoaHoc mời các bạn cùng tham khảo Trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 12: The Asian games (P1) kèm theo đáp án được tổng hợp và đăng tải trong bài viết dưới đây.

Câu hỏi và bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 11 Unit 12: The Asian games (P1) gồm nhiều dạng bài tập Tiếng Anh khác nhau được biên tập bám sát nội dung bài học giúp học sinh lớp 11 vận dụng lý thuyết đã học vào bài tập hiệu quả. Học sinh vừa có thể củng cố kiến thức của bài học, làm quen các dạng bài tập của bài vừa kiểm tra, đánh giá năng lực của bản thân thông qua kết quả bài trắc nghiệm Anh 11. Mời các bạn cùng bắt đầu.

Find the word that has its underlined part pronounced differently from the other three in each question.

Question 1:

  • a. hear
  • b. spear
  • c. dear
  • d. swear

Question 2:

  • a. orchestra
  • b. orchard
  • c. scheme
  • d. chemical

Question 3:

  • a. dental
  • b. send
  • c. pretty
  • d. petty

Question 4:

  • a. dialed
  • b. stopped
  • c. talked
  • d. passed

Question 5:

  • a. Asian
  • b. basketball
  • c. tennis
  • d. solidarity

Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence; substitutes the underlined part; or has a close meaning to the original one.

Question 6: How many sports are there the 14th Asian Games?

  • a. in
  • b. on
  • c. at
  • d. to

Question 7: ____ grear effort, the athlete managed to jump over the fence.

  • a. With
  • b. On
  • c. For
  • d. To

Question 8: More people would be attracted ____ cycling if conditions were better.

  • a. in
  • b. to
  • c. with
  • d. from

Question 9: Do you know when the 2006 Asian Games took place?

  • a. appened
  • b. deepened
  • c. added
  • d. struggled

Question 10: The Asian Games have been advanced in all aspects since the first Games was held in 1951.

  • a. developed
  • b. competed
  • c. taken place
  • d. decreased

Question 11: Only 489 athletes took part in the 1st Asian Games.

  • a. participated in
  • b. got rid of
  • c. gave up
  • d. added to

Question 12: Korea was chosen to be ____ of the 2002 Asian Games.

  • a. athlete
  • b. host
  • c. participant
  • d. guest

Question 13: The quiet country roads are ideal for cycling.

  • a. driving a car
  • b. riding a bicycle
  • c. kicking a ball
  • d. playing football

Question 14: ___ is the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time.

  • a. Friendship
  • b. Solidarity
  • c. Event
  • d. Culture

Question 15: After the accident he lost his ___ for the sport.

  • a. enthusiasm
  • b. enthusiast
  • c. enthusiastic
  • d. enthusiastically

Question 16: There are ___ things to prepare for the Games.

  • a. vary
  • b. variety
  • c. varied
  • d. various

Question 17: A leg injury prevented him from active ____ in the competition.

  • a. participate
  • b. participant
  • c. participation
  • d. participatory

Question 18: The 2nd Asian Game was held in ___ Philippines in 1954.

  • a. a
  • b. an
  • c. the
  • d. Ø

Question 19: Those ____ to be an athlete have to train themselves a lot.

  • a. who want
  • b. which want
  • c. to want
  • d. wanted

Question 20: Anyone ____ as a referee in a sporting event must be honest.

  • a. that works
  • b. to work
  • c. works
  • d. worked

Question 21: The man ___ a black suit is a football referee.

  • a. to wear
  • b. wearing
  • c. who wear
  • d. wears

Question 22: _______ is considered to be the most popular, is also my favorite.

  • a. Football which
  • b. Football, that
  • c. Football, which
  • d. Football

Question 23: The football season is the time ____ thousands of football fans crowd into the stadium to watch their favorite teams.

  • a. where
  • b. which
  • c. at that
  • d. when

Question 24: Yesterday, there was an exciting match between Liverpool and Manchester United, _____.

  • a. the two famous teams in England
  • b. that are the two famous teams in England
  • c. being the two famous teams in England
  • c. to be the two famous teams in England

Question 25: Fencing was first introduced at the 13th Asian Games, ___ in Bangkok, Thai Lan in 1998.

  • a. to be held
  • b. holding
  • c. when was held
  • d. which was held

Question 26: The Olympic Games, _____ an important international sporting event, takes place every four years.

  • a. is
  • b. to be
  • c. that is
  • d. which is

Question 27: Do you know the city ____ the next Asian Games will be held?

  • a. which
  • b. when
  • c. in that
  • d. in which

Question 28: Summer is my favorite time ____ I can enjoy many sporting games.

  • a. that
  • b. which
  • c. in which
  • d. in when

Question 29: Athletes do their best to win medals _____ to winners as awards.

  • a. which give
  • b. are given
  • c. to give
  • d. given

Question 30: Each country sends its best athletes ___ participation expresses the friendship and solidarity.

  • a. who
  • b. which
  • c. that
  • d. whose

Identify the one word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct.

Question 31: The planet Marsisa freezing, barren, deserts with huge, dry canyons and towering volcanoes.

  • a. The
  • b. freezing
  • c. deserts
  • d. and

Question 32: The antique collector must be able to distinguish real antiques from later imitations, which can be either reproductions nor fakes.

  • a. must be able
  • b. real
  • c. later imitations
  • d. nor

Question 33: A great aviation pioneer, Amelia Earhart was already famous when she sets out on her ill-fated attempt to circle the globe in 1937.

  • a. aviation pioneer
  • b. already famous
  • c. sets
  • d. to circle

Question 34: The elephant relies more on its sense of smell than for any other sense.

  • a. its
  • b. for
  • c. other
  • d. enjoy

Question 35: Alaska’s vast areas of untamed wilderness attracts many people who enjoy the outdoors.

  • a. untamed
  • b. wilderness
  • c. attracts
  • d. enjoy

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.

The Asian Games owes its origins to small Asian multi-sport competitions. The Far Eastern Championship Games were created to show unity and cooperation among three nations: Japan, the Philippines and China. The first games were held in Manila, the Philippines in 1931. Other Asian nations participated after it was organized.

After World War II, a number of Asian countries became independent. Many of the new independent Asian countries wanted to use a new type of competition where Asian dominance should not be shown by violence and should be strengthened by mutual understanding. In August 1948, during the 14th Olympic Games in London, Indian representative Guru Dutt Sondhi proposed to sports leaders of the Asian teams the idea of having discussions about holding the Asian Games. They agreed to form the Asian Athletic Federation. A preparatory committee was set up to draft the charter for the Asian amateur athletic federation. In February, 1949, the Asian athletic federation was formed and used the name Asian Games Federation. It was decided to hold the first Asian Games in 1951 in New Delhi the capital of India. They added that the Asian Games would be regularly held once every four years.

Question 36: The text is about _____.

  • a. the origine of the Asian Games
  • b. the Far Eastern Championship Games
  • c. the Games in Manila
  • d. the relationship of Japan, the Philippines, and China

Question 37: The Far Eastern Championship Games ____.

  • a. were held in Manila after World War II
  • b. were held in Japan
  • c. were attended by all countries in Asia
  • d. had the participation of only three nations

Question 38: The 14th Olympic Games took place ____.

  • a. in 1913
  • b. in August 1948
  • c. before the World War II
  • d. in February 1949

Question 39. The Asian Games ____.

  • a. were suggested establishing by a Londoner
  • b. were first held in China
  • c. were first held in India
  • d. were held in the same year of the 14th Olympic Games

Question 40: The Asian Games were first held in _____

  • a. 1931
  • b. 1941
  • b. 1948
  • d. 1951

Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.

The 16th Asian Games will be held in Guangzhou, China from November 12, 2010 to November 27, 2010. Guangzhou is also the (Question 41) ____ city in China to (Question 42) ____ the games after Beijing in 1990. Forty-one events are scheduled to be (Question 43) ____, making the most events to be competed in (Question 44) _____ of the Asian Games.

Four cities were bidding for this (Question 45) _____ at the early days of March 2004. They were Amman, Guangzhou, Kuala Lumpur and Seoul. However, Seoul withdrew after (Question 46) _____ the: short. span of time (Question 47) ____ the 2002 (in Busan, South Korea) and the 2010 event. With the withdrawal of Amman, soon after Seoul, Kuala Lumpur also (Question 48) ____ the bid after the country’s Sports Minister refused for the high (Question 49) ____ of hosting the games. With Guangzhou left, the Olympic Council of Asia announced the city won the bid to host the Asian Games (Question 50) _____ July 1, 2004.

Question 41:

  • a. two
  • b. second
  • c. twice
  • d. couple

Question 42:

  • a. keep
  • b. serve
  • c. host
  • d. pick

Question 43:

  • a. competed
  • b. established
  • c. organized
  • d. shown

Question 44:

  • a. history
  • b. historical
  • c. historic
  • d. historically

Question 45:

  • a. thing
  • b. item
  • c. present
  • d. event

Question 46:

  • a. seeing
  • b. watching
  • c. considering
  • d. looking

Question 47:

  • a. among
  • b. between
  • c. in
  • d. from

Question 48:

  • a. left
  • b. dropped
  • c. quit
  • d. missed

Question 49:

  • a. sum
  • b. pay
  • c. money
  • d. cost

Question 50:

  • a. on
  • b. in
  • c. at
  • d. for

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