Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 11 unit 3: A Party (P3)

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Bài có đáp án. Câu hỏi và bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 11: Unit 3: A party (P3). Học sinh luyện tập bằng cách chọn đáp án của mình trong từng câu hỏi. Dưới cùng của bài trắc nghiệm, có phần xem kết quả để biết bài làm của mình. Kéo xuống dưới để bắt đầu.

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Question 1:

  • a. invited
  • b. attended
  • c. celebrated
  • d. displayed

Question 2:

  • a. neighbors
  • b. friends
  • c. relatives
  • d. photographs

Question 3:

  • a. happy
  • b. house
  • c. hour
  • d. hold

Question 4:

  • a. childless
  • b. watching
  • c. machine
  • d. choose

Question 5:

  • a. none
  • b. ink
  • c. blown
  • d. brand

Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence; substitutes tthe underlined part; or has a close meaning to the original one.

Question 6: On the New Year Day, people say “Happy New Year” __ their friends and relatives.

  • a. with
  • b. for
  • c. from
  • d. to

Question 7: Their _____ took place in Saint John’s Church.

  • a. marry
  • b. married
  • c. marriage
  • d. marital

Question 8: The aim of the conference is to promote international _____.

  • a. friend
  • b. friendship
  • c. friendless
  • d. friendly

Question 9: She intends to hold a _____ party on her daughter’s 18th birthday.

  • a. special
  • b. specially
  • c. specialize
  • d. specialized

Question 10: The little boy was changing the batteries in his ______ car.

  • a. present
  • b. toy
  • c. candle
  • d. gift

Question 11: Do you know how Vietnamese people _____ Lunar New Year?

  • a. joke
  • b. blow
  • c. celebrate
  • d. keep

Question 12: Fortunately, our work was finished as scheduled.

  • a. completed
  • b. held
  • c. presented
  • d. ended

Question 13: _____ anniversary is the day exactly 50 years after a marriage, often celebrated with a party.

  • a. Silver
  • b. Copper
  • c. Diamond
  • d. Golden

Question 14: Numerous marriages now end in divorce.

  • a. wedding party
  • b. birthday anniversary
  • c. marital status
  • d. formal ending of a marriage by law

Question 15: John and Mary have known _____ since childhood.

  • a. each other
  • b. together
  • c. one another
  • d. the other

Question 16: On the occasion of Christmas or New Year, people often send each other a _____.

  • a. greeting card
  • b. name card
  • c. banker’s card
  • d. charge card

Question 17: Could you please take this floppy disk to Mr. Young? I meant _____ him ____ it but I forgot _____ it to him.

  • a. letting / to have / giving
  • b. let / having / giving
  • c. to let / have / to give
  • d. to let / to have / giving

Question 18: Most students appreciate ____ a foreign language through the Internet.

  • a. to learn
  • b. learn
  • c. learning
  • d. learnt

Question 19. I hate _____.

  • a. being kept waiting
  • b. to be kept to wait
  • c. keep to wait
  • d. keeping to wait

Question 20: Everyone likes ____ when they have got some success.

  • a. to congratulate
  • b. to be congratulating
  • c. to be congratulate
  • d. being congratulated

Question 21: She expects ______ soon, but things seems wrong.

  • a. promoting / going
  • b. promoted / go
  • c. being promoted / to go
  • d. to be promoted / to go

Question 22: It is not worth _____ that computer. You had better _____ a new one.

  • a. to repair / to buy
  • b. repairing / buy
  • c. for repairing / bought
  • d. to repair / buying

Question 23: Professor Smith dislikes _____ when he is explaining the lecture.

  • a. to interrupt
  • b. being interrupted
  • c. to be interrupting
  • d. interrupted

Question 24: The novelist often took the telephone off the hook and locked the front door because he does not want _____.

  • a. to be disturbed
  • b. disturbed
  • c. being disturbed
  • d. to be disturbing

Question 25: The little boy hopes ______ to Disneyland Park on his birthday.

  • a. to take
  • b. to be taking
  • c. to be taken
  • d. taking

Question 26: She often opened the window in the early morning so that she can enjoy ____ pure air.

  • a. to breathe
  • b. breathing
  • c. to be breathed
  • d. to be breathing

Question 27: Fortunately it isn’t necessary _____ your child all the time in order to be a reasonable parent.

  • a. to love
  • b. loving
  • c. for loving
  • d. to be loved

Question 28: The girl ran up the hill, _____ farmers _____ in the farms and fields.

  • a. watched / to work
  • b. to watch / worked
  • c. watch / work
  • d. watching / working

Question 29: The man _____ along the corridor is our boss.

  • a. to walk
  • b. walking
  • c. who walking
  • d. walks

Question 30: What made you _____ so?

  • a. do
  • b. to do
  • c. doing
  • d. did

Find the one mistake (a, b, c or d) in these sentences

Question 31: They contacted party members from cross the nation to ask for their support.

  • a. contacted
  • b. members
  • c. from cross
  • d. to ask for

Question 32: This film is good family entertainment anything that can be enjoyed by parents and children together.

  • a. family
  • b. anything
  • c. enjoyed
  • d. together

Question 33: The minister was drummed out of office when it is discovered that he had been taking bribes.

  • a. The minister
  • b. out of
  • c. when
  • d. is discovered

Question 34: "What's the problem?" " It's this insurance thing. I'm really worried about it."

  • a. problem
  • b. It's
  • c. thing
  • d. about

Question 35: Have you written your English essay yet?" "Of course not, I finished it last week."

  • a. Have you written
  • b. yet
  • c. Of course not
  • d. last week

Read the text below and decide which answer (a, b, c or d) best fits each space.

Scott Newman wouldn’t be without his pocket-size TV, which he mainly watches in bed. “I only watch programmes which last about half an hour, as any longer (Question 36) ____ my eyes. I use the set for genera entertainment though it is also really good for (Question 37) _____up with current affairs. The main problem with the set is that it’s not (Question 38) _____ enough even when you use headphones. The (Question 39) ______ all right as long as nothing moves in front of the aerial.” Scott admits to being a gadget man, but doesn’t (Question 40) ____ buying the set since he uses it nearly every day.

Retired engineer Paul Hardcastle, has owned a pocket TV for a (Question 41) ____ of years. “I use it mostly in the bathroom. I wanted to use it outdoors, but the trouble is that in (Question 42) ____ light you can’t see the picture. I use rechargeable batteries as (Question 43) ______ ones would cost too much. Paul believes that this sort of TV could be improved if the (Question 44) ____ was slightly bigger and it didn’t (Question 45) _____ up batteries so quickly: he can only get half an hour’s viewing before the batteries go flat.

Question 36:

  • a. struggles
  • b. stretches
  • c. stresses
  • d. strains

Question 37:

  • a. coming
  • b. keeping
  • c. going
  • d. holding

Question 38:

  • a. loud
  • b. noisy
  • c. high
  • d. strong

Question 39:

  • a. response
  • b. receiving
  • c. receipt
  • d. reception

Question 40:

  • a. mind
  • b. disapprove
  • c. regret
  • d. disappoint

Question 41:

  • a. number
  • b. total
  • c. sum
  • d. quantity

Question 42:

  • a. shiny
  • b. hard
  • c. bright
  • d. high

Question 43:

  • a. real
  • b. usual
  • c. genuine
  • d. ordinary

Question 44:

  • b. screen
  • c. face
  • d. display

Question 45:

  • a. use
  • b. finish
  • c. end
  • d. take

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.

A housewarming party is a party held on the occasion of moving into a new residence when a person, couple, or family moves ‘nto a new house or apartment. It is an occasion for the hosts to present their new home to their friends, and for friends to gather, socialize, and enjoy refreshments such as alcoholic drinks and snack foods. Some people invite all of their new neighbors to their housewarming. This allows the hosts to meet their new community. In some cases, the friends and family members who are invited may bring gifts to furnish the new home. Gifts are customary but not necessary. They usually consist of something for the new house, such as a potted plant, a vase, or a picture frame, or something to be enjoyed during the party such as a bottle of wine, a bouquet of flowers, or a Gift basket of foodstuffs. Housewarming parties are generally informal, and there are usually no planned activities besides a tour of the new house.

Question 46: A housewarming party is held when someone moves into a new house.

  • a. True
  • b. False
  • c. No information

Question 47: At a housewarming party, guests are not allowed to go around the house.

  • a. True
  • b. False
  • c. No information

Question 48: Neighbors are never invited to a housewarming party.

  • a. True
  • b. False
  • c. No information

Question 49: Guests should give tables and chairs to the host at a housewarming party.

  • a. True
  • b. False
  • c. No information

Question 50: A housewarming party is socially formal.

  • a. True
  • b. False
  • c. No information
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