Skills 1 Unit 2: Life in the countryside

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Skills 1 Unit 2: Life in the countryside. Phần kỹ năng luyện tập cho bạn đọc hai kĩ năng đọc và nói. Bài viết dưới đây cung cấp những gợi ý cũng như hướng dẫn giải bài tập trong sách giáo khoa.


1. Quickly read the passage and choose the most suitable heading A, B, or C for each paragraph.

Đọc nhanh đoạn văn và chọn tựa đề thích hợp A, B hoặc c cho mỗi đoạn văn.

  • A. Nomadic children’s lives
  • B. The importance of cattle to the nomads
  • C. The nomads` home

Read the passage:

  • 1. ___________________B. The importance of cattle to the nomads___________________

We don`t live a normal life like many other people. We live a nomadic life. This means we move two or three times a year to look for new pastures - grasslands - for our cattle. The cattle provide most of out needs: dairy products, meat, and clothing.

  • 2. __________C. The nomad's home_______________

We live in a ger, our traditional circular tent. It keeps us cool in summer and warm in winter, even when the temperature drops to -50oC. It can be put up then taken down and transported.

  • 3. ____________A. Nomadic children’s lives_____________

For the most of the year, we are surrounded by vast pastures, rives and mountains. We see few people from the outside world. When we are small, we play on our land and with the animals. The horse is our best friend. Any nomadic child can ride a horse. We learn from an early age to help in the family, from household chores to heavier work like herding the cattle. We also learn to be brave.

2. Match the descriptions with the words/ phrases from the passage.

Nối những miêu tả với những từ/ cụm từ từ đoạn văn.

Words/ Phrases


1. a ger

2. dairy products

3. cattle

4.nomadic life

5. pastures

a. a life on the move

b. a circular tent in which Mongolian nomads live

c. grasslands

d. milk, butter, cheese

e. cows, goats, buffaloes...

3. Read the passage again and choose the best answer A, B, C or D.

Đọc đoạn văn lần nữa và chọn câu trả lời tốt nhất A, B, c hoặc D

  • 1. We live______other people.

A. A different life to (Chúng tôi sống một cuộc sống khác với những người khác)

B. Similarly to

C. the same life as

D. In exactly the same way as

-> Chọn đáp án A

  • 2. We have to move in order to______

A. change our lifestyle

B. look for better weather

C. Look for food for our cattle (Chúng tôi phải di chuyển để tìm thức ăn cho gia súc)

D. be closer to the city

-> Chọn đáp án C

  • 3. Our cattle can provide us with

A. most of our needs (Gia súc chúng tôi có thể cung cấp cho chúng tôi hầu hết các nhu cầu.)

B. Food only

C. means of transport only

D. anything we want

-> Chọn đáp án A

  • 4. When we move to a new place, we_______

A. have to make a new ger

B. Put up the ger (Khi chúng tôi chuyển đến một nơi mới, chúng tôi dựng một cái lều dành cho người du mục)

C. buy a ger

D. Share a ger with our neighbours

-> Chọn đáp án B

  • 5. Nomadic children_______

A. play the same games as other children in the world

B. Use nature and their animals as playthings (Trẻ em du mục sử dụng thiên nhiền và động vật của chúng như là đồ chơi.)

C. do not like toys

D. spend all their time helping with housework

-> Chọn đáp án B

  • 6. Mongolian children the Gobi learn_________

A. to ride a goat

B. to live in the mountains

C. to be generous

D. to help with household chores (Trẻ em Mông Cổ ở Gobi học cách giúp đỡ làm công việc nhà.)

-> Chọn đáp án D


4. Work in pairs. Interview your partner to find out what he/she likes/ doesn`t like about the life of the nomads.

Làm theo cặp. Phỏng vấn bạn học để tìm ra cái mà cậu ấy/ cô ấy thích hoặc không thích về cuộc sng du mục.

  • A: What do you like about their nomadic life?
  • B: Well, the children learn to ride a horse
  • C: And what don`t you like about it?
  • D: They can`t live permanently in one place.

5a. Work in pairs. Discuss and find: - two things you like about life in the countryside - two things you don`t like about life in the countryside

Làm theo cặp. Thảo luận và tìm ra:

Two things you like about life in the countryside

  • There are vast fields, rivers, mountaints... I can fly kites with my friends and shout out loud without disturbing anybody.
  • The vast open spaces, the fresh air and the feeling of freedom in the countryside. b. two things you don`t like about life in the countryside
  • There are fewer places of entertainment. I have to travel further to go to the cinema or the mall.
  • There are fewer shops and services there are fewer opportunities for employment. A person will have to travel further to get to his/her place of work and this can be expensive.

5b. Report your findings to the class.

Báo cáo những phát hiện cho lớp.

Example: Both of us love picking fruit in the summer. It can be hard work but very satisfying

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