Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 10: Đề ôn tập học kì 2 (phần 5)

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Bài có đáp án. Đề ôn thi cuối học kì 2 môn tiếng anh 10 phần 5. Học sinh ôn thi bằng cách chọn đáp án của mình trong từng câu hỏi. Dưới cùng của bài trắc nghiệm, học sinh bấm vào để xem đáp án. Kéo xuống dưới để bắt đầu.

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to best completes the passage.

The Meadow Park Zoo, which (1) ______ three months ago, is already attracting large numbers of visitors. The new zoo is quite small, compared with other similar (2) _____. You won’t find any large and dangerous animals such as lions or tigers in cages. Instead, there is a children’s zoo, where children can handle little animals like rabbits and (3) ______. They can also have rides on a camel or an elephant. The zoo had a working farm, too, with cows, sheep, ducks and chickens.Lots of children from cities don’t understand what happens (4) ______ a farm. It’s important (5) ______ them to see for themselves where their milk and eggs come from.

Question 1:

  • A. opened
  • B. opens
  • C. opening
  • D. open

Question 2:

  • A. attractions
  • B. parties
  • C. schools
  • D. events

Question 3:

  • A. hippos
  • B. mice
  • C. crocodiles
  • D. bears

Question 4:

  • A. across
  • B. in
  • C. up
  • D. for

Question 5:

  • A. for
  • B. at
  • C. of
  • D. up

Read the passage and complete the sentences. Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet.

Once there were lots of pandas in the mountains of Western China. Today they are becoming extinct. The reason is they cannot find enough food. Pandas eat bamboo leaves. They do not like another food. The bamboo grows very slowly. It can take ten years for a bamboo to grow from a seed to a big plant. Some types of bamboo have seeds only once every 60 years. Pandas must wait many years for their food to grow. While the bamboo is growing, pandas do not have enough leaves to eat. Farmers are using more and more of the land on the mountain side to grow food for man. The farmers cut down the bamboo. Bamboo leaves become less plentiful. Pandas cannot find enough food to eat. They starve and die. China and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are trying to save the pandas. In 1979 they began to set up special parks where pandas can live. One such park is the Wolong Reserve in Sichuan. The Wolong Reserve has the highest number of pandas in the world. Scientists come here to study the pandas’ eating and mating habits. By learning more about the pandas’ habits, scientists can save them from extinction.

Question 6: What is the main food of pandas?

  • A. Young bamboo trees
  • B. Bamboo roots
  • C. Bamboo trees
  • D. Bamboo leaves

Question 7: How long does it take a bamboo to grow into a big plant?

  • A. 60 years
  • B. a century
  • C. a decade
  • D. 10 months

Question 8: Why do farmers cut bamboo trees?

  • A. To get farmland
  • B. To make pandas starve and die
  • C. To get food for pandas
  • D. To drive pandas away

Question 9: What do scientists do to save pandas from extinction?

  • A. They study about pandas’ habits.
  • B. They only set up parks for them.
  • C. They plant bamboo trees and set up parks for them.
  • D. They put them in bamboo forest.

Question 10: What does the word “They” refer to?

  • A. Special parks
  • B. Pandas
  • C. Farmers
  • D. Bamboo trees

Choose the word that has a different STRESS PATTERN from that of the others.

Question 11:

  • A. ethnic
  • B. explore
  • C. orphan
  • D. fauna

Question 12:

  • A. volunteer
  • B. participant
  • C. competitor
  • D. announcer

Choose the word whose underlined part is PRONOUNCED differently from that of the others.

Question 13:

  • A. dear
  • B. clear
  • C. bear
  • D. year

Question 14:

  • A. weekends
  • B. brothers
  • C. parents
  • D.feelings

Read the passage and choose the best word for each blank.

Nowadays lots of people drive to large supermarkets to (15) _____ their shopping. These supermarkets have car-parks, so you can buy several (16) _____ of shopping. You can fill your trolley , and then put it to your car. Some people prefer to go to local shops. These small shops are usually (17) _____ than supermarkets. Some towns have an open air market in the center, (18) _____ you can buy fruit and vegetables, but you have to carry your shopping home.

Question 15:

  • A. take
  • B. make
  • C. do
  • D. have

Question 16:

  • A. bags
  • B. pockets
  • C. shops
  • D. customers

Question 17:

  • A. cheap
  • B. cheaper
  • C. most expensive
  • D. expensive

Question 18:

  • A. where
  • B. who
  • C. which
  • D. whom

Read the passage and choose the best answer for each question.

There are many problems that make the Vietnamese movies unable to keep pace with the development of the other countries’ modern movies in the world. First of all we do not have enough money to buy the most modern machinery and equipment for movie technology. The Vietnamese scriptwriters and filmmakers are not well-paid. They are busy earning money for life. We do not have enough conditions to train filmmakers and actors and actresses. From the dawn of the Vietnamese movie industry, there have been several films that won the world’s recognition. However, our movie industry is still limited compared with many other countries’.

It is rather sad but we must say many Vietnamese viewers do not like Vietnamese films . They like ones from Korea, China, and the U.S, so what we must do now is to make as many interesting films as possible.

Question 19: The Vietnamese movie industry is not _______.

  • A. Well-developed
  • B. Famous all over the world
  • C. Getting a big annual profit
  • D. All are correct

Question 20: In Vietnam, _______

  • A. we do not have enough money to equip film studios.
  • B. the Vietnamese directors are well-paid.
  • C. all the Vietnamese scriptwriters get a big salary.
  • D. all the Vietnamese actors and actresses are well-trained.

Question 21: Most of the Vietnamese viewers _______.

  • A. never see films made in the country
  • B. like films from Korea, China and the U.S.
  • C. never see films from foreign countries.
  • D. never go to the cinema

Question 22: To attract film fans, we should _______.

  • A. make as many interesting films as possible
  • B. not allow films from foreign countries to be shown
  • C. pay scriptwriters a good salary
  • D. all are correct

Choose the best answer to complete each sentence or replace the underlined words or phrases.

Question 23: _______ can he jump? _ About three meters.

  • A. How often
  • B. How long
  • C. How far
  • D. How much

Question 24: Look outside. _______ sky is getting dark. I hope there isn’t going to be a storm.

  • A. A
  • B. An
  • C. no article
  • D. The

Question 25: Yesterday afternoon, I went to the post office _______ some letters.

  • A. sends
  • B. sent
  • C. send
  • D. to send

Question 26: Jack: “I think in the zoo of the new kind, animals can be protected from dangerous diseases in the nature”.

Peter: “_______.”

  • A. Thank you
  • B. I agree completely
  • C. I am too
  • D. That’s alright

Question 27: Tents come in _______ shapes and sizes

  • A. vary
  • B. variety
  • C. various
  • D. variously

Question 28: Scotland met Wales in the final at Twickenham

  • A. at the end
  • B. in the last match
  • C. in the closing match
  • D. in the decisive match

Find the underlined part in each sentence that needs correcting.

Question 29: If the airplane tickets are not so expensive, I would fly to Hue for my holiday.

  • A.are
  • D.for

Question 30: The students were interesting in taking a field trip to the National Museum.

  • A.were
  • B.interesting
  • C.taking
  • D.a field trip

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to choose from the best answer to complete each sentence.

Question 31: ______, he kept on smoking.

  • A. In spite he has bad cough
  • B. In spite of his bad cough
  • C. As his bad cough
  • D. Because of his bad cough

Question 32: These flowers are fresh. They ______ from the garden.

  • A. have been picked just
  • B. have been just picked
  • C. just have been picked
  • D. have just been picked

Question 33: John: I’m really tired. ______ resting before we go out?

Claire: That’s good idea. I’m tired too.

  • A. How about
  • B. Shall we
  • C. Why don’t we
  • D. Let’s

Question 34: She sometimes does not have enough time to take care _______her old parents.

  • A. on
  • B. to
  • C. of
  • D. for

Question 35: Nearly 1,000 of the world's bird species are threatened with ________.

  • A. destruction
  • B. appearance
  • C. protection
  • D. extinction

Question 36: At the weekend, the beach is often crowded ______ people.

  • A. with
  • B. over
  • C. in
  • D. for

Question 37: Ann: “Would you like to have lunch with us?”

Beck: “______.”

  • A. You are welcome
  • B. Yes, I'd love to
  • C. Not at all
  • D. Thank you

Question 38: I will never talk to you again ______ you apologize me ______ your being so rude.

  • A. unless/ for
  • B. whether/ of
  • C. if/ for
  • D. or/ of

Question 39: Many plants and animals can be used as medicine _____ cancer, AIDS and other sicknesses.

  • A. by
  • B. against
  • C. with
  • D. for

Question 40: The teacher had divided the students ______ small groups before they did their task.

  • A. in
  • B. for
  • C. of
  • D. into

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