A closer look 1 Unit 3: Peoples in Viet Nam

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Phần a closer look 1 cung cấp cho bạn học các từ vựng và cách phát theo chủ đề các dân tộc Việt Nam. Bài viết cung cấp các từ vựng cũng như gợi ý giải bài tập trong sách giáo khoa.


1. Match the adjectives in A with their opposites in B .

Nối những tính từ trong phần A với từ trái nghĩa trong phần B



1. major
2. simple
3. modern
4. spoken
5. rich
6. developed
7. important

a. written
b. insignificant
c. complicated
d. minor
e. basic
f. poor
g. traditional
1 - d: major >< minor
2 - c: simple >< complicated
3 - g: modern >< traditional
4 - a: spoken >< written
5 - f: rich >< poor
6 - e: developed >< basic
7 - b: important >< insignificant

2. Use some words from 1 to complete the sentences

Sử dụng những từ trong phần 1 để hoàn thành các câu

  • 1. Many ethnic groups have their own languages. And some even have……… written ………… languages.
  • 2. People in some far-away mountainous regions still keep their ………… traditional ………….. way of life.
  • 3. Gathering and hunting still play a(n) ………… important ………….. role in the economy of the Laha.
  • 4. Ethnic peoples in the mountains have a ………… simple ………….way of farming. They use …………rich ………….. tools to do the farm work.
  • 5. The Muong in Hoa Binh and Thanh Hoa are well-known for their ………… basic ………….. folk literature and their traditional songs.

3. Work in pairs. Discuss what the word is for each picture. The first and the last letters of each word are given.

Làm theo cặp. Thảo luận những từ nào cho mỗi bức hình. Những chữ cái đầu và cuối của mỗi từ được cho.

  • 1. ceremony
  • 2. pagoda
  • 3. temple
  • 4. waterwheel
  • 5. shawl
  • 6. basket


Clusters: /sk/, /sp/ and /st/

4. Listen and repeat the following words.

Nghe và lặp lại những từ sau.

  • Skateboard
  • Display
  • Instead
  • Basket
  • Stamp
  • First
  • Cript
  • Space
  • Speech
  • Station
  • School
  • Task

5. Listen again and put them in the right column according to their sounds

Listen again and put them in the right column according to their sounds
















6. Listen and read the following sentences. Then underline the words with the sounds /sk/, /sp/, or/st/.

Nghe và đọc những câu sau. Sau đó gạch dưới những từ với âm sk/, /sp/, /st/.

  • 1. The Hmong people I met in Sa Pa speak English very well.
  • 2. You should go out to play instead of staying here.
  • 3. The local speciality is not very spicy.
  • 4. Many ethnic minority students are studying at boarding schools.
  • 5. Most children in far-away villages can get schooling.

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