Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 11 unit 4: Volunteer work (P1)

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Bài có đáp án. Câu hỏi và bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 11: Unit 4: Volunteer work (P1). Học sinh luyện tập bằng cách chọn đáp án của mình trong từng câu hỏi. Dưới cùng của bài trắc nghiệm, có phần xem kết quả để biết bài làm của mình. Kéo xuống dưới để bắt đầu.

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Question 1:

  • a. failed
  • b. reached
  • c. absorbed
  • d. solved

Question 2:

  • a. invited
  • b. attended
  • c. celebrated
  • d. displayed

Question 3:

  • a. removed
  • b. washed
  • c. hoped
  • d. missed

Question 4:

  • a. looked
  • b. laughed
  • c. moved
  • d. stepped

Question 5:

  • a. wanted
  • b. parked
  • c. stopped
  • d. watched

Choose a, b, c, or d that best completes each unfinished sentence; substitutes the underlined part; or has a close meaning to the original one.

Question 6: He had a bad cough so the doctor advised him to give _____ smoking.

  • a. up
  • b. in
  • c. of
  • d. for

Question 7: The boy seemed to be so excited ____ his coming birthday.

  • a. in
  • b. with
  • c. about
  • d. against

Question 8: When the candles were blown _____, the room was in dark.

  • a. out
  • b. of
  • c. at
  • d. in

Question 9: Did you have ___ good time at the party last night?

  • a. a
  • b. an
  • c. the
  • d. Ø

Question 10: To have _____ child is their dream for a long time.

  • a. a
  • b. an
  • c. the
  • d. Ø

Question 11: She is too old to get a baby. She is _____.

  • a. child
  • b. childish
  • c. childless
  • d. children

Question 12: We are waiting for his_____ . There must be something wrong with him.

  • a. arrive
  • b. arrival
  • c. arriver
  • d. arriving

Question 13: Water is _____. It has no color.

  • a. colorful
  • b. colorless
  • c. colored
  • d. colorfully

Question 14: Mr. Pike invited some _____ to his house for dinner last night.

  • a. hosts
  • b. hostesses
  • c. guests
  • d. celebrators

Question 15: He was so happy that he kept grinning all the time.

  • a. shouting
  • b. thrilling
  • c. exciting
  • d. smiling broadly

Question 16:. The present was _____ in a colorful box.

  • a. celebrated
  • b. developed
  • c. declared
  • d. wrappe

Question 17: All of them are virtually tired after a good time to enjoy the party together

  • a. too
  • b. very
  • c. so
  • d. almost

Question 18: I have just taken some pictures of that wonderful sight. I will have the films ____ soon.

  • a. made
  • b. enjoyed
  • c. seen
  • d. developed

Question 19: He finally sold his old car and could afford to buy a ____ one.

  • a. brand-new
  • b. ordinary
  • c. delightful
  • d. prominent

Question 20: They lit the _____ and began to sing “Happy Birthday”.

  • a. presents
  • b. toys
  • c. candles
  • d. flowers

Question 21: She ___ her baby tightly and said, “My little boy, I love you.”

  • a. blew
  • b. pulled
  • c. hugged
  • d. wrapped

Question 22: They ____ to the zoo on Sundays.

  • a. like to take
  • b. like to be taken
  • c. like taking
  • d. like to be taking

Question 23: He _____ anything.

  • a. warned me not to touch
  • b. warned me did not
  • c. warned not to touch me
  • d. warned me not touching

Question 24: The papers ____ today.

  • a. must submitted
  • b. must submit
  • c. must be submitted
  • d. must be submitting

Question 25: He does not allow us ______ in his house.

  • a. smoke
  • b. to smoke
  • c. smoking
  • d. smoked

Question 26: They will have some workers ____ their house.

  • a. redecorate
  • b. to redecorate
  • c. redecorating
  • d.. redecorated

Question 27: Passing the restaurant, he stopped ____ a coffee.

  • a. drink
  • b. to drink
  • c. drinking
  • d. drunk

Question 28: The conference ____ at 5 o’clock.

  • a. expects to end
  • b. is expecting to end
  • c. is expected ending
  • d. is expected to end

Question 29: She did not let Peter ___ into the room. She made him ____ outside.

  • a. to come / waiting
  • b. coming / to wait
  • c. came/ waited
  • d. come / wait

Question 30: The applicant ___ that position.

  • a. hoped appointed
  • b. hoped for appointing
  • c. hoped to appoint
  • d. hoped to be appointed

Choose the sentence (a, b, c or d) which is closest in meaning to the one.

Question 31: I didn’t arrive in time to see her.

  • a. I arrived late to see her.
  • b. I wasn’t on time and she had left.
  • c. I didn’t arrive so I couldn't see her.
  • d. I wasn’t early enough to see her.

Question 32:. I would never have lent Mike my car if I had known that he had a past record of driving violations.

  • a. I refused to lend Mike my car.
  • b. I knew nothing about Mike’s driving record, so 1 lent him my car.
  • c. Mike got a speeding ticket while driving my car.
  • d. Mike drove my car without his driver’s licence.

Question 33: You’re not to blame for what happened.

  • a. You’re not accused of what happened.
  • b. What happened is not your fault.
  • c. You’re responsible for what happened.
  • d. We blame you for what happened.

Question 34: If I didn’t have a car, I’d have to walk five blocks to work every day.

  • a. My car needs some work on it.
  • b. After work every day, I walk five blocks.
  • c. I drive to work in my car every day.
  • d. I have to walk five blocks to get to my car.

Question 35: “Why didn’t you join your friends on the trip?” she asked.

  • a. She wanted to know why I hadn't joined my friends on the trip.
  • b. She asked me why | didn’t join her friends on the trip.
  • c. She asked for the reason I hadn't joined my friends on the trip
  • d. She asked me why didn’t I join my friends on the trip.

Read the passage and choose the correct answer.

Volunteering can be the experience of a lifetime and for some people it is a life changing experience. Volunteer Bolivia is the international volunteer organization that combines a volunteer service learning experience with a program for an unforeettable intercultural experience. They offer an affordable way for you to experience a foreign country while lending a hand. Their variety of commutity volunteer positions provide you with the opportunity to make new friends, define a new career, develop new skills, and share your skills with others. Short term vulunteers are a crucial part of their program allowing you to fulfil the needs of a variety of children's centres scattered around the region.These centers provide services for children. Long term volunteers, are those who stay with them more than five months, speak intermediate Spanish and are specialized volunteers who have an expertise that matches their Bolivian colleagues needs. Many long term volunteers contribute in a collaboratively designed volunteer position such as helping in the office, translating, and working with the Bolivian staff. If you have a specialized skill, they can place you in your profession. Long term volunteers have also contributed as healthcare workers, physical therapists, graphic designers, by teaching advanced computer skills or in project development.

Question 36: According to the writer, volunteer work is _____.

  • a. a combination
  • b. an experience
  • c. an organization
  • d. a lifetime

Question 37: If you take part in Volunteer Bolivia, you have a chance _____.

  • a. to work in a foreign country
  • b. to lose your career
  • c. to work in your hometown
  • d. to change experience

Question 38: According to the passage, ___.

  • a. there is only one kind of volunteers
  • b. there are two kinds of volunteers: long term volunteers and short term volunteers
  • c. volunteers are not allowed to make friends
  • d. if you are a short term volunteer you will work with patients

Question 39: The word crucial means ____.

  • a. necessary
  • b. not easy
  • c. very difficult
  • d. important

Question 40: Long term volunteers work as ____.

  • a. designers
  • b. professors
  • c: healthcare workers
  • b. teachers of English

Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase.

The Global Volunteer Network currently has opportunities to aim at (Question 41) ____ primary and secondary (Question 42) ____ to needy children, and community outreach and counseling with their partner organization in Uganda. This provides (Question 43) _____ opportunity to experience Ugandan life first-hand (Question 44) _____ working to improve your host community. The programs provide counseling, (Question 45) ____ , and education for (Question 46) ____ people, orphans and underprivileged children in small villages. The main activities will (Question 47) ___ working with local children and youth teaching nursery, primary, and vocational education. Volunteers (Question 48) ____ work in the areas of sport, art, games and academics. For volunteers with a medical (Question 49) ____ and education, placements can involve work in (Question 50) ____ clinics with small health-based community organizations.

Question 41:

  • a. to provide
  • b. providing
  • c. having provided
  • d. provided

Question 42:

  • a. education
  • b. teacher
  • c. studying
  • d. learn

Question 43:

  • a. a
  • b. an
  • c. the
  • d. Ø

Question 44:

  • a. as soon as
  • b. no longer
  • c. as well as
  • d. while

Question 45:

  • a. suffer
  • b. disadvantages
  • c. care
  • d. diseases

Question 46:

  • a. farm
  • b. urban
  • c. rural
  • d. suburb

Question 47:

  • a. insist
  • b. consist
  • c. attract
  • d. involve

Question 48:

  • a. too
  • b. so
  • c. as well
  • d. also

Question 49:

  • a. background
  • b. ground
  • c. foundation
  • d. level

Question 50:

  • a. local
  • b. area
  • c. region
  • d. part
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