Reading Unit 6: An excursion Chuyến tham quan

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Bài viết hướng dẫn cách học và cách giải bài tập của phần reading về chủ đề chuyến tham quan, một chủ điểm rất đáng quan tâm trong chương trình tiếng Anh 10. Hãy cùng điểm qua các từ vựng, cấu trúc cần nhớ và tham khảo gợi ý giải bài tập dưới đây.

  • Bài reading Unit 6: An excursion

I. Từ vựng

  • picturesque (a) [,pikt∫ə'resk] đẹp như tranh vẽ
  • wonder (n) ['wʌndə] kỳ quan
  • altitude (n) ['æltitju:d] độ cao
  • excursion (n) [iks'kə:∫n] chuyến tham quan
  • persuade (v) [pə'sweid] thuyết phục
  • destination (n) [,desti'nei∫n] điểm đến

II. Cấu trúc cần lưu ý

  • get someone’s permission [pə'mi∫n]: xin phép ai đó
  • stay the night away from home : ở xa nhà một đêm

III. Hướng dẫn giải bài tập

1. Before you read

Work in pairs. Match the photos with the information below, and then tell each Other which of the places you would like to visit and give reasons.

(Làm việc từng đôi. Chép những hình với thông tin bên dưới, và sau đó nói cho nhau nơi nào trong những nơi nàv em muốn thăm và cho lý do.)

  • 1.d (Thien Mu Pagoda)
  • 2. b (Ha Long Bay)
  • 3.a (One-Pillar Pagoda)
  • 4. c (Da Lat holiday resort)

I'd like to visit Da Lat because it's a famous and beautiful holiday resort with the cool weather and picturesque sights. In this place you relax your mind in the peaceful and quiet atmosphere and you can feel comfortable with the world and forget all your sorrow and anxicly of the noisy life.

2. While you read:

Read the letter and then do the tasks that follow. (Đọc lá thơ và sau đó làm bài tập theo sau.)

Dưới đây là nội dung bài đọc:

Dear Minh,

I’m writing to tell you a piece of news. The first term is coming to and end soon and my school is going to have some days off. On this occation, my class is visiting some caves near Hanoi as we had recently studied rock formations. Besides, many of us have never been inside a cave, so I supposed the trip will be very interesting.

At first, we wanted to travel to Thay pagoda because it is only over 20 kilometers away, and we could go on a day excursion.

However, only today have we learnt that the caves near Thay pagoda are closed until after Tet. So we are visiting the ones near Huong Pagoda instead. A night campfire on a two-day trip will be a great event in our schooldays! To make the trip cheap, we are bringing our own food and sharing buses with some other classes.

It is much warmer now. I believe we’re going to enjoy good weather with lots of sunshine.

The only problem I seem to have is getting my parents’s permission. They may not want to let me stay the night away from home. I’ll try to persuade them.

That’s all for now. Give my love to your parents and sister.



Task 1: Choose the best answer A. B. C or D to complete each of the sentenees.

(Chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất A. B. c hay D điền vào mỗi câu này.)

  • 1. Lan wrote the letter to………………..

A. Inform Minh of her day off

B. Complain about her parents

C. tell inh about the plan for her class trip (Kể cho Minh về kế hoạch của chuyến đi với lớp)

D. talk about what she and her classmates will do at Huong Pagoda

-> Chọn đáp án C

  • 2. The students decided to go on an excursion because they wanted to………………

A. Understand their geography lessons better

B. relax after work

C. have a camfire

D. A and B (cả đáp án A và B)

-> Chọn đáp án D

  • 3. The students have changed their destination as…………………

A. it is impossible to visit the caves near (vì họ không thể đến thăm quan hang động ở gần)

B. it costs them a lot to visit

C. they prefer Huong Pagoda to

D. many of them have been to

-> Chọn đáp án A

Task 2: Answer the questions. (Trả lời các câu hỏi.)

  • 1.When are Lan and her classmates going on a trip?

They're going on a trip when they have some days off after the first term.

  • 2.Why are they visiting some caves?

They’re visiting some caves becaue they want to understand their geography lesson better and some of them have never been inside a cave.

  • 3. How far is Thay Pagoda from their school ?

It’s only over 20 kilometres.

  • 4. What are the student's plans for their trip to Huong Pagoda?

They’re going to make a two-day trip and have a night campfire at Chua Huong. They are bringing their own lood and sharing the buses with some other classes lo make the trip cheap

  • 5, What is Lan anxious about ?Why?

Lan's anxious about her parents' permission. They may not let her stay the night away from home.

3. After you read:

Fill in each blank in the summary of the letter with a suitable Group of words from the box below.

(Điền mỗi chỗ trống ở bài tóm tắt của lá thơ với cụm từ thích hợp ở khung bên dưới.)

Lan’s class (1) is going to go on a two-day excursion to visit (2) some caves near Huong Pagoda. They (3) want to see with their own eyes what they (4) have learned in their geography lessons recently and relax after their hard work, as well. They have planned (5) their trip carefully. For lan, the (6) only problem is getting her parent’s permission. She will try (7) to persuade them so that she will be able to join (8) her classmates on the excursion.

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