Trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 8 Unit 4: Our past (P1)

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Bài có đáp án. Câu hỏi và bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng anh 8: Unit 4: Our past (P1). Học sinh luyện tập bằng cách chọn đáp án của mình trong từng câu hỏi. Dưới cùng của bài trắc nghiệm, có phần xem kết quả để biết bài làm của mình. Kéo xuống dưới để bắt đầu.

Choose the letter a, b, c or d the word that has the underlined part different from others.

Question 1:

  • a. modern
  • b. rod
  • c. folk
  • d. conversation

Question 2:

  • a. foolish
  • b. book
  • c. foot
  • d. cooker

Question 3:

  • a. tale
  • b. make
  • c. moral
  • d. graze

Question 4:

  • a. marry
  • b. servant
  • c. appear
  • d. moral

Question 5:

  • a. rope
  • b. hold
  • c. wisdom
  • d. broken

Choose the word or phrase that best completes each unfinished sentence below.

Question 6: In the USA students ________ school uniform.

  • a. wear
  • b. wearing
  • c. don't wear
  • d. not wear

Question 7: Alice wasn’t ___________ to be in my class.

  • a. too old
  • b. old enough
  • c. so old
  • d. such old

Question 8: Ba often _______ stamp. Maybe he is a stamp collector.

  • a. collects
  • b. sells
  • c. buys
  • d.draws

Question 9: Your sister used to visit you quite often, ________?

  • a. didn't she
  • b. doesn't she
  • c. wouldn't she
  • d. hadn't she

Question 10: We decided ________ at home this afternoon.

  • a. staying
  • b. stayed
  • c. stay
  • d. to stay

Question 11: What should you consider before _________ for an exercise class?

  • a. sign up
  • b. to sign up
  • c. signing up
  • d. will sign up

Question 12: After dinner, Mom ______ the lamp and Dad used to tell us stories.

  • a. light
  • b. lighted
  • c. lit
  • d. litted

Question 13: The sun suddenly ___ from behind a cloud.

  • a. appear
  • b. appeared
  • c. disappear
  • d. disappeared

Question 14: An oil ____ burned in the darkness.

  • a. lamb
  • b. lamp
  • c. lam
  • d. lame

Question 15: He was late, but fortunately his friends waited for him.

  • a. luckily
  • b. magically
  • c. cruelly
  • d. lately

Rearrange the sentences to make meaningful sentences

Question 16: at/ My/ is/ 255/ Tran Phu street/ house.

  • a. My house is at 255 Tran Phu street.
  • b. My house is 255 at Tran Phu street
  • c. My house is Tran Phu street at 255.
  • d. My house at 255 is Tran Phu street.

Question 17: do/ we/ going/ What/ to/ are/ tonight?

  • a. What we are going to do tonight?
  • b. What are we going to do tonight?
  • c. What do we going are to tonight?
  • d. What do are we going to do tonight?

Question 18: convenient/ both/ This apartment/ and/ is/ modern.

  • a. This apartment both is modern and convenient.
  • b. This apartment is both and modern convenient.
  • c. This apartment both modern and is convenient.
  • d. This apartment is both modern and convenient.

Question 19: higher/ building/ This/ that/ is/ than/ one.

  • a. This is building higher than that one.
  • b. This building is higher than that one.
  • c. This building is one than higher that.
  • d. This building is that one higher than.

Question 20: The/ beautiful/ with/ park/ is/ green trees.

  • a. The park is beautiful with green trees.
  • b. The park is green trees beautiful with.
  • c. The park beautiful with is green trees.
  • d. The park is with beautiful green trees.

Choose the word (a, b, c, or d) that best fits each of the blank spaces.

Harry starts work (Question 21) ___ half past six. He delivers papers every day of the week, from Monday to Saturday, but not (Question 22) ___ Sundays. He works (Question 23) ____ the mornings before school and (Question 24) _____ the afternoons after school. He usually finishes work (Question 25) ___ six o’clock.

Harry says, '(Question 26) ____ the summer, the job is OK, but (Question 27) ____ December and January, the weather is very cold! I like this job. I get a lot of exercise, and the money is good. I’m saving my money in the bank (Question 28) ____ the moment for a holiday in Spain.'

Question 21:

  • a. in
  • b. at
  • c. on
  • d. a & b

Question 22:

  • a. in
  • b. at
  • c. on
  • d. between

Question 23:

  • a. in
  • b. at
  • c. on
  • d. Ø

Question 24:

  • a. in
  • b. at
  • c. on
  • d. when

Question 25:

  • a. in
  • b. at
  • c. on
  • d. since

Question 26:

  • a. In
  • b. At
  • c. On
  • d. Ø

Question 27:

  • a. in
  • b. at
  • c. on
  • d. from

Question 28:

  • a. in
  • b. at
  • c. on
  • d. of

Read the following passage and choose the item (a, b, c or d) that best annwers each of the questions about it.

Once upon a time, there is a girl called Little Red Riding Hood, because of the red hood she always wears. The girl walks through the woods to give her grandmother some food. A wolf wants to eat the girl but is afraid to do so in public (sometimes there are woodcutters watching). So, he suggests the girl to pick some flowers, which she does. After that, he goes to the grandmother's house. He eats the grandmother, and waits for the girl, disguised as the grandmother. When the girl arrives, he eats her too. A woodcutter, however, comes to the house and cuts the wolf open. Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother come out unharmed.

Question 29. Why is the girl called Little Red Riding Hood?

  • a. Because she likes red.
  • b. Because she always wears a red hood.
  • c. Because she is little.
  • d. no information

Question 30. What does the phrase ‘in public’ mean?

  • a. in the woods
  • b. when other people are there
  • c. immediately
  • d. soon

Question 31. What does the word ‘he’ refer to?

  • a. the woodcutter
  • b. the wolf
  • c. the girl’s grandfather
  • d. no information

Question 32. Little Red Riding Hood _____.

  • a. walks through the woods
  • b. wants to give her grandmother some food
  • c. picks some flowers
  • d. all are correct

Question 33. Which of the following is NOT true?

  • a. Sometimes, there are woodcutters in the wood.
  • b. The wolf gives Little Red Riding Hood some flowers.
  • c. A woodcutter saves the girl and her grandmother.
  • d. The girl and her grandmother are not dead.
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