Communication Unit 6: Vietnam: Then and now

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Phần communication hướng dẫn bạn học cách giới thiệu cũng như xây dựng bài nói về Vietnam bây giờ và say này, cũng như đưa ra gợi ý giải bài tập trong sách giáo khoa.

1. Read the posts on Viet Travel Forum (VTF) from people who visited Viet Nam a long time ago.

Đọc những bài viết trên Viet Travel Forum của những người đã từng thăm Việt Nam.

The first time I was in Ho Chi Minh City was in 1983. Most people rode bicycles then and there were very few motorbikes on the road. Ten years later, when I came back, the city had dramatically changed, with 800,000 motorbikes and two million bicycles on the roads.

Kate from Russia

In 1995, I went back to Viet Nam after 30 years and to my surprise, the population was three times higher but the country no longer suffered illiteracy. It had also become one of the world’s largest exporters of rice, which was another surprise for me.

Charles from France

I went to Ha Noi in August 1997, two years after Viet Nam joined ASEAN. The road system in Ha Noi was very simple then. It has dramatically changed over the last 18 years. Flyovers and high-rise buildings are mushrooming!

2. Read the posts on Viet Travel Forum (VTF) and retell them to your friends.

Đọc lại những bài viết và kể lại cho bạn bè của bạn nghe.

Charles is from France. He said that the first time he had been to Viet Nam was in 1965. He said that many people were/had been illiterate then but he was astonished that after nearly 30 years there was no more illiteracy although the population had nearly tripled. He was also surprised to learn that the country was one of the largest rice exporting countries.

Peter is from America. He said that he had gone to Ha Noi in 1997 when Viet Nam had been part of ASEAN for two years. He was shocked/astonished to see that so much had changed over the last 18 years flyovers and high-rise buildings were mushrooming.

3. Work in groups. Use the suggestions in the table to write as many posts as possible about the recent changes in Viet Nam that you have heard of or read about. Remember to use adjectives or adverbs to modify the changes.

Làm việc theo nhóm. Sử dụng các gợi ý trong bảng để viết các bài viết về các sự thay đổi gần đây mà bạn từng nghe. Nhớ sử dụng các tính từ và trạng từ để làm rõ những sự thay đổi.



Manual labour

More technology and equipment

Mostly agriculture production

More industrial production

Few services

More services

Mostly grew rice

Export rice, coffee, cashew nut, pepper, friut

Fewer opportunities for university education

Many opportunities for university education (inside and outside the country)

Only wealthy families went on holiday

Most families go on holiday

Holiday inside the country

Holiday inside and outside the country

Extended family

Nuclear family

Which of the changes do you think are the most beneficial?

I think that more opportunities for university is the most beneficial.

4. Present your group's posts to other groups

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